Friday, October 18, 2013

Batch cooking with a friend this Sunday!

Been a little slacker over the last hit with a mega cold so soup kitchen didn't happen last weekend :(

Thank goodness this Sunday is the day that a friend and I are getting together in her kitchen to cook up a storm!

We've been planning this out for weeks now..what to shopping lists...and how to do it!

We're going to get together first thing in the morning and cook in one kitchen, each making two dinners and double batching them so we will walk away with four meals each!  Plus we're going to bake some muffins double batch style, and pizza rolls double batch as well.  We'll have some yummy stuff in the freezer.  Thank goodness for big chest freezers.  Last week when I was sick I had tons of dinners in there that I pulled out!

Over the last few days we had barbacoa beef tacos, chicken noodle soup, shepherds pie, and then one day of "brupper" - a.k.a. breakfast for supper - bacon and eggs!  Kids always love it when it's a brupper night.

So for this Sunday the line up is:

I'm making chicken and white bean chili in the crockpot, and a big batch of blackbean/corn/red pepper salad that goes awesome as a huge side to a meal.

The chicken/corn/white bean chili recipe is here:

The black bean salad with corn/red peppers/avocado/lime/cilantro is here:

This salad will go in the freezer, but I won't add the avocados till the day we pull it out and eat it - avocados don't freeze well, or refrigerate well in my opinion after you have opened and cut it up.  So unless you want brown avocado mush in it I wouldn't add that until the day of.

Thinking of also making our garlic soup as it always makes a huge double batch and then she can have a batch too in her freezer.

I'll be bringing all my ingredients and my crockpot.  Completed my grocery shopping for everything as well!  All set!

My friend will be making some yummy stuffed meatloaves (will post recipe Sunday) and a vegetarian dish - a squash and chickpea curry which you can find the recipe for here:

What are you cooking/baking this weekend?

Another post to follow after Sunday's cook-a-thon!

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