Saturday, October 5, 2013

An ambitious soup kitchen this weekend....

So I made a jump start to soup kitchen this weekend. I had a pretty crazy list of what I wanted to make on Sunday that was more than the normal amount I usually tackle. SO, I decided to go grocery shopping on Friday night. I know, thrilling?  First of all the store was empty which was lovely, and I got out of there quicker than how I fare on Saturday mornings!

The problem with my list of meals for Sunday was that it included multiple soups and making homemade tomato sauce (both of which to stock for the freezer). 

So I decided (since it's not like we had anything better to do) to make homemade tomato sauce on a Friday night! 

After researching a bunch of tomato sauce recipes I decided on a Jamie Oliver one, that's packed (and very well hidden) with veggies. The kids will NEVER know!  

Here's the recipe link. For all you moms with picky eaters out there this sauce was easy, has three servings of veggies in it, and took only an hour cook time!

I wanted to make sauce because I'm sick of buying it for recipes I'm making. A lot of recipes that I make call for a cup and it makes me livid to have to buy it!  

So this recipe made a boat load of sauce!  You blitz it in the blender at the very end to whatever consistency you would like. Super easy and tastes yummy too. I ended up placing the sauce in freezer bags in 8 oz quantities and one bag of 12 oz. 

As I was pouring the sauce into baggies over the stove, my lovely husband who's happily watching TV on the couch tells me it sounds like I'm having diarrhea in there. From the sound of the sauce hitting the bag. He's so classy :)

And between dance lessons, skating lessons and cleaning the house today I made a Rachel Ray recipe from her 30/60 minute meals cookbook. Yes I took out a cookbook. I made this a couple weeks ago and it was delicious so I made it again. It's for lunch for me and the husband. It has too much spice for kids FYI. 

Here's a pic of the recipe from my cookbook. You can also find it online too. 

It truly takes only 60 minutes to make and is a filling soup. Served great with a crusty roll ;)

I've got a lot more to make tomorrow too. My goal in October is to make double batches as often as I can to restock my freezer. 

Tomorrow on the menu will be:

Balsamic crock pot chicken
Chicken leek and mushroom pie
Chicken noodle soup
Banana chocolate chip muffins
Some more pizza pinwheels

And I've got a roast in the crockpot right now for pulled beef tacos tonight! I'll post pics tomorrow. 

Stay tuned!

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